• Chlorine chemistry helps power America’s economic engine and drives innovation in alternative energy, health care and our national infrastructure.
  • Chlorine chemistry helps save consumers and businesses money.
  • Chlorine chemistry is a key component for producing life-saving medicines to energy efficient pipes.

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Economic Benefits

Here is how chlorine chemistry plays a key role in American innovation and job creation:

  • Chlorine-related industries supply over 160 thousand U.S. jobs, including green jobs.
  • Chlor-alkali industry employees earn a total of more than $8.8 billion in wages each year.
  • Roughly ½ of the products of the chemistry industry depend on chlorine chemistry.
  • The vast majority of U.S. water systems use chlorine to help provide safe drinking water.
  • 88% of top-selling U.S. pharmaceuticals are made with chlorine chemistry.
  • 86% of crop protection chemicals are made with chlorine chemistry.
  • Chlorine chemistry helps remove impurities from aluminum cans during recycling, diverting trash from landfills, saving energy and precious resources.
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant PVC pipe, a product of chlorine chemistry, is a sustainable solution for water infrastructure renewal.
  • Hydrogen, a co-product of the chlor-alkali process, can be used as a zero-emission fuel in plant boilers, reducing a facility’s carbon footprint.

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A recent economic analysis found that using chlorine chemistry in these nine end-use applications saves U.S. and Canadian consumers over $630 billion every year: