Applications of Chemistry—Up, Up and Away
So, you’re relaxing on the beach and suddenly it appears on the horizon—the blimp, drifting across the sky, advertising sunscreen or toting a banner for a local restaurant. Besides helium, the lighter-than-air gas that gives blimps and other large balloons their buoyancy, what chemistry goes into these airborne behemoths?

Titanium Dioxide—Adding Color to Your Life
Chlorine chemistry helps produce this versatile ingredient found in everyday products, from paints to paper to sunscreen.

Aramid Fibers—Protecting the Good Guys
The brave men and women of the military, law enforcement and emergency response communities deserve the best protective equipment available. Aramid fibers, a class of strong, heat-resistant synthetic fibers produced with the help of chlorine chemistry, go a long way to “protecting the good guys.”

Fiber Optic Technology—Helping You Email, Skype, and Watch TV
Fiber optic technology is revolutionizing the fast-paced world of communications, delivering digital information through hair-thin strands of ultra-pure glass. Chlorine chemistry is essential to producing high-purity fiber optic glass.

Vinyl—Dress in Style and Comfort
From the “groovy” vinyl boots of the 1960’s, to today’s “stone-washed” jeans, chlorine chemistry has a long-standing role in helping us dress in comfort and style.


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