Chlorine chemistry plays a critical role in meeting some of our most basic needs while pioneering advances in modern medicine and renewable energy. It can help protect American soldiers and police officers while helping to harness the power of the sun.
Chlorine chemistry allowed us to transform public health hazards like, drinking water and swimming pools, into modern day conveniences. More than 100 years after chlorine first helped wipe out waterborne epidemics, chlorine chemistry is helping families and our nation confront the challenges of the 21st century. For many of these applications, there’s simply no reasonable substitute for chlorine.
Here is how chlorine is helping families and our nation confront today’s challenges:


The American Chemistry Council (ACC) members have helped lead the way, investing more than $13 billion in the last decade on facility security enhancements under ACC’s Responsible Care® Security Code, which has become the gold standard for the industry and a model for regulatory programs. » learn more
Rail Transportation

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is working closely with our transportation partners to build upon an already impressive safety record for shipping chemicals by rail. Together, we have invested billions of dollars in training, technology innovation and tank car safety. » learn more

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